Most people start with either Security Guarding or Door Supervision. The Security Guarding Licence allows you to provide manned security at a range of sites such as retail, industrial and front of house. The Door Supervision Licence allows you to carry out all Security Guarding roles, but also work where alcohol is on sale, such as bars, clubs, events and stadia.

One of the issues with the Door Supervisor licence is that most licence-holders do a lot of Security Guarding without having been trained in it. We can offer Door Supervision with Security Guarding at the same price as Door Supervision so that you can be trained in both.

After gaining either Security Guarding or Door Supervision licence, many go on to add their CCTV license.

After gaining experience withon the industry, many will wish to go onto Close Protection, or even to become a trainer within the industry.

At Training for Security, we can offer all the training that you need to gain your licence. And once you have joined the Private Security Industry, we offer addition training to enable you to progress your career.