From the control room, Phoenix security controllers utilise site data to make decisions on how best to keep your site secure, including information from alarm systems, movement detectors, door contacts and heat sensors. Other high-tech systems allow Phoenix security officers in the control room to announce to intruders that they are being watched and linked intercom systems enable Shield controllers to hold conversations with visitors and allow or deny access through locked doors.

This service is ideal for clients who do not wish to commit to on-site static guardsĀ or who want further protection outside office hours. Installation of CCTV cameras with stategic viewpoints can help protect sites from intruders and allow rapid response to fires and other emergencies. Depending on the nature of the response on site, the experienced Shield controller will inform the relevant emergency service and/or despatch a Phoenix

CCTV Monitoring

Security mobile patrol. A high capacity hard-disk drive in the central computer will record all events from remote sites when alarms are activated or at the request of an authorised Shield controller.